Kerneels Lion Cachet Ingenieurs
Kerneels Lion Cachet Engineers

Vervoer Beplanning Projekte

Transportation Planning Projects

Transport Logistics and Fleet Management

Asset registers, fit for purpose analysis/needs analysis, total cost of operations and cost saving initiatives, vehicle specifications, and fleet management. Projects in which Kerneels Lion Cachet Engineers have been involved with include:

  • Fleet technical specialist assisting the City of Johannesburg in the formulation of fleet management best practices
  • Vehicle fleet needs analysis and lease strategies, South African Social Security Agency

Public Transport Planning

Basic planning, route determination and station/transfer facility locations, geometric alignment, demand estimates, land use issues, train/bus operations, estimated costs, station and transfer facility planning, environmental scoping, stage-work planning, hydrology, earthworks, drainage, marketing material, liaison with stakeholders, negotiations with bidders, determination of best mode, applicable rail solutions to facilitate public transport backbone, identification of priority projects. 

Road Based (Inclusive BRT’s):

  • Gauteng Integrated Transport Master Plan with 25 year horizon, Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport, Gauteng Province
  • Integrated Network Designs for West Rand District Municipality, MNS Attorneys, DOT, Gauteng Province
  • Public Transport Corridor Study, West Rand District Municipality, Gauteng Province

Rail Services:

  • Kagiso Azaadville Rail Study, Gauteng Department of Local Government and Housing (GDLGH), Gauteng Province
  • Rail Support for Gauteng Transport Management Authority (GTMA), Gauteng Department of Public Transport, Roads and Works, Gauteng Province 
  • Baralink Commuter Rail Planning, SARCC Metrorail, Gauteng Province
  • Eerste Fabrieke Commuter Rail Planning, SARCC Metrorail, Gauteng
  • Gautrain Rapid Rail Link, Gautrain (Department of Public Transport Roads and Works) Gauteng Province
  • Kei-Rail, Eastern Cape Department of Transport, Eastern Cape Province

Intermodal Transport Facilities and Precinct Plans

Demand estimation, vehicle/train operations, passenger flow analysis, sizing/placing of station and inter-modal facility elements, preliminary and detail designs and input into layout, upgrading requirements to suit future demand.   

Intermodal Transport Facilities:

  • Pretoria Station luxury coach (bus) terminal, Intersite, Gauteng Province
  • Mafikeng/Zeerust/Ratlou Multi-modal Facilities, Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality, North West Province
  • Makhado & Giyani Intermodal Facilities, Intersite (DOT), Limpopo Province
  • Mabopane Rail Station upgrade transportation input, Intersite, Gauteng Province
  • Ellis Park and Doornfontein Stations, Intersite, Gauteng Province

Precinct Planning (Land-use planning):

  • National station precinct planning, Intersite, North & South Gauteng
  • Rhodesfield Station, SARCC/Metrorail, Gauteng Province
  • Lebaleng Station in Soshanguwe, Intersite, Gauteng 

Parking and Staging Facilities:

  • CoJ Parking Study in 25 small CBD’s, City of Johannesburg, Gauteng Province
  • Culemborg (Cape Town) yard future requirements & train staging, SARCC, Western Cape Province
  • Gautrain Maintenance Depot, Gautrain (Department of Public Transport Roads and Works) Gauteng 

Freight Transport Planning/Preliminary Design

Kerneels gained experience in demand estimation and the determination of existing and future traffic volumes, rail/road design/condition assessment/capacity analysis to support the estimated freight transport volumes, selection of best mode (road versus rail), operational requirements, infrastructure layout and location, estimated infrastructure costs, estimated capital and operational costs, freight transport logistics chain. Projects in which Kerneels have been involved with include:

Road and Rail Based:

  • Voortrekker Road Corridor Status Quo – Transport Role and Function, City of Cape Town
  • Rail Transfer Facility, Sasol Secunda, Mpumalanga Province
  • Trucking Study, Corridor Sands, Corridor Sand Limitada, Mozambique 
  • Yard layout design, Matola Harbor in Mozambique, Corridor Sands Limitada